ImmusanT, a Cambridge, MA-based biotechnology company, has announced that Nexvax2®, an immunotherapy drug designed to protect celiac disease patients from gluten exposure, has successfully completed a Phase 1b clinical trial and is advancing to a Phase 2 trial. Currently, strict, lifetime adherence to a gluten-free diet is the only disease management protocol for celiac disease patients. Strict adherence to a gluten-free diet can be difficult and expensive. Persistent intestinal injury and ongoing symptoms from continuing, often accidental, exposure to gluten put patients at significant risk. Nexvax2 is designed to protect celiac disease patients from accidental exposure to gluten. If positive results continue, Nexvax2 could be the first FDA-approved drug to treat celiac disease.

CDF and ImmusanT have partnered to inform patients of the opportunity to participate in the Phase 2 clinical trial. CDF gives voice to the largest community of celiac disease patients and caregivers in the world. Through research, advocacy, and education, CDF works to mitigate the injury, suffering, and expense caused by celiac disease, including, and especially supporting, research for FDA-approved treatments and a cure. In this new partnership with ImmusanT, CDF will help inform the celiac disease community, healthcare providers, and the public, of the Nexvax2 Phase 2 clinical trial. CDF is committed to supporting the recruitment of patients into the Phase 2 trial through our groundbreaking patient registry, iCureCeliac®, our massive online media presence, our Patient Advocate network, our Annual Conference and Gluten-Free EXPO, and more. Finally, CDF will keep the celiac disease community updated on trial progress and potential next steps toward Nexvax2 FDA-approval.

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Celiac Disease Foundation Partners with ImmusanT to Promote Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Nexvax2®, A Promising Celiac Disease Treatment