With MLB’s Spring Training well underway, and the regular season about to start, here are the top gluten-free baseball stadiums in the league:

1. Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field

  • The Cubs have bun-less hot dogs and bun-less hamburgers located behind a designated section at Wrigley but the hidden gem is Decades Diner. Located on the main concourse towards the corner in right field, the Decades Diner serves gluten-free hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken sandwiches. Though my son is not old enough to drink, I did note that they also serve up some hard ciders at the Diner bar area. Gluten-free and a Cubs win? Yes, please.

2. Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadiums of Anaheim

  • The Angels have added some variety to their food court items located behind first and third base at their ballpark. Options include a veggie dog, black bean burger, and the reason that this stadium makes the list, a hummus platter!

3. Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington

  • The Rangers aren’t messing around when it comes to healthy gluten-free options. If you are looking for something “less processed”, you can find gluten-free wraps, fresh fruits, salads, pistachios, and beef jerky. Oh yeah, they also have gluten-free cookies available if you are craving a sweet treat.

4. Minnesota Twins at Target Field

  • Not only do the Twins have bun-less hot dogs and grilled chicken throughout the park, but you can also get gluten-free options such as Kettle Chips, Talenti Gelato and…wait for it….a pork chop on a stick!

5. Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre

  • We go North of the Border for this stadium’s excellent gluten-free options. Thanks to a variety of gluten-free beers, beef brisket, jerk chicken, fresh whole fruit, and three bean chili, Canada’s pro team is doing gluten-free the right way.

6. Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodgers Stadium

  • It sounds like if you are a gluten-free baseball fan in the Los Angeles area, your teams are treating you the right way. Joining the Angels on this list, gluten-free offerings at Dodger stadium include corn on the cob, veggie wraps, tacos, and sushi (without the soy sauce, of course).

7. Baltimore Orioles at Orioles Park at Camden Yards

  • Last, but definitely not least on this list, are the gluten-free offerings at Camden Yards. Located right near the Baltimore Harbor, this ballpark offers some mind-blowing options. Bacon on a stick, beef & steak tacos, Pad Thai, gluten-free pizza, BBQ turkey, beef, and pork sandwiches…wow. This is one stadium that does not disappoint.