Lean Cuisine

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Tasty and balanced meal solutions. Lean Cuisine meals were first launched by Stouffer’s in the USA in 1981 in response to the increasing desire of consumers for weight management products. Since then, the Lean Cuisine brand has become the preferred and most trusted partner of consumers for tasty and balanced meals, which are easy to prepare and enjoy.

With Lean Cuisine products you won’t find any fad diets or miracle cures – just solid nutritional foundation, great taste, clear information and sensible guidance from registered dieticians.

And of course achieving any goal becomes easier when you have a good plan. That’s especially true when you follow one of the meal plans created by Lean Cuisine Registered Dieticians. Each plan is carefully designed to help you reach or maintain a healthy weight range while taking advantage of Lean Cuisine convenient, delicious and nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks.

Lean Cuisine products keep life delicious, even when you’re watching the scales.