Association of European Coeliac Societies

AOECS stands for Association of European Coeliac Societies and it is an independent, non-profit umbrella organization of 27 coeliac associations in Europe. AOECS does not have any paid staff, it operates on voluntary basis. AOECS has a Board of directors, consisting of three elected representatives. The legal seat is situated in Brussels, Belgium. AOECS acts inside Europe, although it may have cooperation with Coeliac Societies outside Europe.

AOECS reviews problems of international importance, coordinates international activities and tries to improve the exchange of information of the member countries. It works in order to create a standard for gluten-free dietary products on international level, improve the product labelling, enlarge the variety of gluten-free products in Europe and give assistance and advices to Coeliac Societies in Europe. AOECS operates via different working groups, participating in meetings that are beneficial in the viewpoint of coeliac patients all over Europe, and by publishing e.g. AOECS News.