Phyllis Pearson

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Crafted by a mom who wanted her gluten-allergic daughter to enjoy the country’s best-loved foods, A Taste to Remember is the result of over 22 years perfecting the recipes to match the taste and texture of the originals. Right now, there are many children dealing with food allergies. Unfortunately, they can feel isolated because they can’t eat the same foods that their friends are eating.

“My goal in this book was to develop recipes so that a child or anyone can have a birthday cake, pizza or cookies that taste like they remember.”

With a degree in Foods and Nutrition in Business from the University of Northern Iowa, Phyllis Pearson remastered these recipes based upon solid food chemistry. An avid cook and food scientist, she also created a cookbook for the American Soybean Association. The author lives with her husband on the family farm and with their gluten-free cats in Iowa.