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BFree was developed to bring tasty, good for you breads to the market.
Often, people avoid bread or feel poorly after having a sandwich and this may be due to sensitivities to wheat or gluten. But when gluten and wheat are removed from bread products, it is as if the ‘scaffolding’ that holds the structure together is pulled apart.

But at BFree it wasn’t enough to just create products that were just free from gluten and wheat, instead, we set out to develop a range of products that are free from all major allergens, that taste just as good as good as the normal conventional bread products AND have exceptional nutrition. Not to mention, products that don’t crack and crumble mid meal.

Since using real, whole ingredients is the best way to bake, our products have an impressive list of high-quality, non-GMO ingredients. Whether it’s deriving protein and fiber from whole peas, apples and potatoes or using a unique blend of buckwheat and corn flours to provide gluten-like pliability, you’ll be impressed by our list of ingredients. BFree products are not only high fiber and low fat, they’re also calorie-responsible; our BFree Multigrain Wraps, for example, are only 100 calories per wrap, the lowest calorie count in the category.

A list of what is not included in our products is almost as impressive as what is. BFree products do not contain wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts or soy, making the entire BFree product line free from all major allergens—and completely vegan.

See our range to discover just how good BFree is for your diet.

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