Netherlands Celiac Association

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At this page we list a number of useful sources for information about travelling to the Netherlands, when you are on a gluten-free diet.

The purpose of the CYE Project TravelNet project is to collect information about hotels, restaurants, stores and airlines offering gluten-free foods. Our aim is to publish a world-wide list enabling you to travel more easily. Therefore, you will find  some addresses, advice or useful phrases which are translated in different languages.

The Horecaad database contains more than 2500 hotels and restaurants all over Europe (most in the Netherlands) serving gluten-free meals. You can even download the POI’s of these restaurants for your (Tom Tom) navigation system. The database is also suitable for mobile phones.

The Livaad database of gluten-free products in the Netherlands contains more than 20.000 gluten-free products. Updates are made almost every day ! You can consult all 20.000 gluten-free products directly online by means of a very fast search engine.