Paraguayan Foundation for Celiac

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FUPACEL (Paraguayan Foundation for Celiac) is a nonprofit organization, established on January 31, 1995. The main objective of FUPACEL is to achieve a better quality of life for all celiac sufferes in the country. In addition, we strive to promote the development of celiac in community life, disseminate information about the celiac condition, provide social support, work with hospitals and research centers related to treatment, and to publicize the list of industrialized food products suitable for celiacs. The treatment of celiac disease is a strict gluten-free diet for life. To fulfill this task, all products made ​​to be consumed by celiac must be analyzed and certified “gluten-free” and it is in this respect where celiac patients’ main concern lies and where they need support. With much effort, FUPACEL is responsible for the analysis of products, sometimes in isolation, because of the high cost, since the reactants are brought from France exclusively for this. It also assumes many other expenses as laboratory diagnosis in family, social assistance, diffusion, etc.