Gluten-Free bread with Ancient Grains

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Schär introduces another gluten-free wonder with the Artisan Baker! This new line with amazing taste and texture will replace the original Classic White and Multigrain breads. Crafted with a European recipe and baked with sourdough, millet, quinoa and honey, we believe it is the best tasting gluten-free bread!

Allergens & Preferences


water , rice starch , sour dough (water, rice, flour) , corn starch , agave syrup , sunflower oil , soy protein , modified cellulose , psyllium seed husks (vegetable fiber) , guar gum , millet flour , yeast , sugar , quinoa flour , salt , citrus fibre , honey , calcium citrate , niacin , iron , thiamine , riboflavine . Contains: Soya .